Travatools is a sole trading name for me, Terry Hudson. A very Big part of my Trading Strategy, is to maintain and promote a sustainable lifestyle. Check the menu for lifestyle and Culture for all the Interesting stuff.

Travatools Software

Providing free resources for unfunded projects, cultural and environmental, and developing software for internet applications and websites.

This work is funded with a mix of commercial projects, support, and sales.

Specialising in Content Managed Websites & IT Support.

Travatools Villager websites providing quick to set-up flexible websites with built in business admin and project & sales management.

Check the offers for Free Software for unfunded campaigns and project work.


Developing software for projects in challenging environments. For years running Travatools software services from an adobe farmhouse in the Peruvian Andes without telephony and a six mile walk to the internet cafe, or working on political campaigns in the squats of Prague and Amsterdam.

The software is designed for the quick deployment of an organisation, controllable with no more tools than a web browser, capable of deploying to a team with multi-user task management. And integrated contacts &email systems.

It also is designed as a web business for a sole trader who hasn't got any more resources than a peso for the internet cafe. Particularly artists and craftsmen with many styles of shops and galleries.

Look at the Villager Software web page to see the full features or have a look around the help & tutorial site

I wanted in those days before the I-phone a business that I could operate from a bicycle and a laptop.

The I-phone has not yet replaced the bicycle.

Travatools is not just about developing websites its about Gardening and from time to time building narrow-boats.

Enjoy your visit. Be sure to enter a line on the Poetry Consequences Page. You could be the first of the infinite numbers of Monkeys to create a masterpiece.

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