Travatools is a sole trading name for me, Terry Hudson. Promoting sustainable lifestyles is the business of Travatools. Check the menu for Urban Farms, gardening, and vinting, Our New Festival Services .A book and record shop, featuring Rhymes for the revolution. Artwork in the studio, and IT Services for the tech. Check The Meme Machine for comedy and interesting stuff.

Providing IT services, software, web hosting, events services, artwork, permaculture services, books, recipes, gardening, and Odd Jobs.

Travatools back on the road again 2018
The little Anarchist bookshop and The little red record shop, and Villager software systems, shall be teaming up with the Urban Farms and serving refreshments in an arts cine-cafe in the The fields of 2018. Powered by the Sun. Using open source software, and the Raspberry pi. I will provide an, “off the grid”, cinema cafe' experience, and a nice cuppa char. I may have left Seattle 40 years ago , but that fact will be milked, as well as the coffee.
Septemberlegs Photography will be providing an array of social commentary films and workshops.
Travatools Open-port film nights Where budding film makers can preview their work from their USB stick In our cine-cafe.

Festival services
Road-blocking, Car-parking, Stewarding and Gates.
Recycling and Wood chopping, and Cleaning the plates.
Fire spinning, Juggling , Wood crafting, and art for the Field.
work shopping , Photography , what ever you will.
Erecting Marquees, and Kitchen staff too
Building and
Leaving your composting loo.
Fire building, Sweat lodges , and more...
From Lemmy stage pit, to the Glastonbury Tor.

Urban Farming
We will be providing services for the 2018 festival season. ( News To come)
A few new updates for the Urban farming pages. Morning Glories are new this Year, and Potatoes have gone to bags.
I’m about to concoct an experiment in Apple and blackberry wine !
Urban farms will be providing a limited numbers of Urban Farms products for sale, to help fund the Fields of 2018.
As ever if you are in the neighbourhood and need permaculture project partners, Give us a call.
Agricultural and gardening services may also be provided on a case by case basis.

Art in 2018
Rhymes for the revolution... available for Download Soon. You can read the old rough drafts here on the web site , they are almost word perfect.
The Little Anarchist bookshop provides some links to all my favourite classics and more. Available on this site from Betterworld Books.. , A better alternative to the Amazon...
Travatools Publishing , If you are only an isbn away from your self published novel , I have a few to spare.
I will be leaping into the hard printed page in a big way, as I scour the chazzas, boots and bookshops for a few dozens of classic books for The fields of 2018
Original Paintings in acrylics are still available by commission, or if you like anything currently in The Studio..

Software and IT
The Villager software is a Content Managed System
It is delivered in a LAMP developers environment. Delivered as an ISO file, or available on a bootable DVD... Villager Live
Which is to say …

You can boot any old defunct PC with this, and you should have a quick little, snappy, totally secure PC.
It can be used as a web server, for an intranet, or as a development machine, or just a PC web browser, for when your pervy uncle is visiting and you don't want his browsing content to touch your hard disc …
With a puppy operating system you can carry your PC on a DVD, or even a micro SD, and almost any computer in the world will boot up as your computer.

It comes with all the tools you need to write your code in a live secure intranet environment.
Using Open Source Software , (which belongs to the people of the world): Thankyou.
Puppy Linux,
Hiawatha a powerful light version of Apache web server,

Web hosting Travatools offers an inexpensive web hosting package on the Eco webhosting servers. It has been a great service provider offering carbon neutral web hosting. In the UK.

Septemberlegs Photography
All kinds of photographic services Photo shoots, and film making can be arranged, as well as Art prints, and downloads from the stock image libraries.
All the services offered on this page are a collaboration with my darling partner who is Septemberlegs.
(especially all the fire spinning, juggling and chain sawing, in festival services).


2018 Festival Services

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